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Manual, automatic and static bollards. 

General Information

Bollards whether manual, automatic or static are an effective security measure giving both vehicle and traffic control solutions. They are a flexible alternative to the more traditional vehicle access control systems and often integrate more seamlessly than vehicle barriers.

What do we offer? – BGB can design traffic access solutions for all sectors and markets, ranging from a residential area to an industrial estate. For buildings requiring high security, such as retail or government sectors, we can fit anti-ram bollards which help to secure the site perimeter or manual retractable bollards to protect parking bays or site entrance. 

BGB offer an extensive range of Bollards which are quick and easy to install and will cause minimum disruption. They are particularly popular for residential or leisure areas due to their aesthetic, they can retract completely making them almost invisible. Our Automatic Bollards are compatible with all forms of automatic and electronic access control technologies, including; intercom systems, card readers, keypad operated locking systems, long-range tagging, automatic vehicle identifications, and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology.

Surface Mounted Bollards

Surface Mounted Bollards are most useful as a visual deterrent for criminals or traffic control on properties where the traffic volume and risk of an accident is very low. 

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They are fixed to the ground via an anchor system, which makes the installation and removal very easy, but their ability to resist impact very low. As they are reusable and easily removable, they can be moved around the premises to accommodate user needs as they happen. They are best used as a temporary measure for pedestrian traffic control.

Automatic Bollards

An effective traffic management system and deterrent for criminals.

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The bollards will be manufactured from galvanised steel, but are also available in a variety of finishes and sizes to accommodate the requirements of the site. 

Static Bollards

The perfect choice for locations that require a permanent protection solution to control vehicle traffic, pedestrian protection, separating an area and prevent a vehicular attack.

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They can be customised to suit the individual site, with a flat, angle or dome finish. Aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and low maintenance, making them ideal for both residential and commercial properties.


Traffic Safety

Aiding in the prevention of unauthorised vehicles, creating a clear barrier for security and maintaining authorised traffic flow.

Aesthetically Pleasing

With a range of finishes to suit the site branding.


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Complete Commercial Security Gates and Barrier Services

From initial consultation and design, through to supply, installation and maintenance of our security gates and barriers, our extensive service portfolio will detail anything you need to support your perimeter security requirements. 

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