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Cantilever Gates

Light and exceptionally strong. 

General Information

Sliding/Cantilever Gates are a very popular option with our commercial sites. They are robust, durable, can be designed to suit every site aesthetic and are always fully safety compliant.

Cantilever Gates are our preferred choice of the sliding gate. Tracked gates, whilst effective, can encounter problems if the tracks are not maintained and cleaned regularly.

The Cantilever Gate whilst requiring a bigger back-run to accommodate the counterbalance, eliminates the need for track cleaning, giving sites trouble-free operation. This trouble-free operation can be maintained by BGB through regular maintenance and safety checks.

Cantilever Gates are an excellent choice for withstanding gravity and windy conditions, with upper and lower beams made from high-grade aluminium, making it extremely resistant to corrosion. The Gates as standard comes with live monitored safety edges and dual height photo beams as well as a variety of infills, with all motors housed in the gate tower, making it compact and aesthetically appealing.



This type of gate is lightweight yet exceptionally strong, therefore resistant to vandalism.

Long Life Cycle

Made to be robust and resilient, the Cantilever Gate has a life cycle of ten years plus.

Weather Resistant

Cantilever Gates are resilient in adverse weather conditions because they have no track and therefore are unaffected by snow, ice and debris.


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